BA 545: Quantitative Methods for Business Decision Making (Graduate level)

Course Description:

This course provides students with an introduction to analytic and quantitative methods for business decision making. Students are expected to learn not only a bunch of mathematical or statistical tools for making better decisions, but also a logical way of critical thinking in optimally dealing with various business issues. Topics include supply chain analytics, linear programming, transportation and assignment models, network models, and integer progamming. We will focus on business applications of those quantitative models, rather than on the mathematics behind them. We will put more emphases on formulating business problems into proper models, solving the models with the help of computers, and interpreting the results from the managerial point of view. Microsoft EXCEL/EXCEL-Solver will be used to help in solving models.

Learning Goals:

  • Apply appropriate analytic, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in business situations, and understand the linkage between operational issues and management concepts (Problem-Solving skills).
  • Analyze and solve production/operations problems and logically interpret, analyze, and summarize the results of information examined (Critical Thinking skills).
Yajun Lu
Yajun Lu
Assistant Professor of Analytics & Operations Management

My research interests are in Network Optimization, Graph-based Data Mining, Data Analytics of Complex Networks with applications in Healthcare, and Social Network Analysis.