ANOP 102: Spreadsheet Modeling & Data Analysis

Course Description:

Almost any managerial decision includes (or should include) a component of analysis using quantitative models. The fields of Management Science/Operations Research/Business Analytics are focused on the development and application of methods for quantitative decision making. These tools have dramatically changed the way business operates in service operations, manufacturing, marketing, and finance (not to mention transportation, sports insurance, etc.). This course will introduce some fundamental techniques for data analysis and decision making under uncertainty. We will focus on thinking structurally about decision problems with the goals of enhancing decision-making skills and managerial insight. Moreover, we will use Microsoft Excel to solve problems and draw insights from data.

Learning Goals:

  • Recognize and relate practical issues with business analytics (Synthesis skills).
  • Apply business analytics to make sense of data for making decisions (Quantitative). 
  • Formulate decision models for evaluating or developing strategies (Quantitative, technological skills). 
Yajun Lu
Yajun Lu
Assistant Professor of Analytics & Operations Management

My research interests are in Network Optimization, Graph-based Data Mining, Data Analytics of Complex Networks with applications in Healthcare, and Social Network Analysis.