• [October 20-21, 2020] I gave a talk titled “On finding fault-tolerant low-diameter clusters in graphs” at the INFORMS Telecommunications and Network Analytics (TNA) Conference 2020, October 20-21, 2020.
  • [August 24, 2020] A paper titled “Detecting Comorbidity Progression Using Temporal Disease Networks: A Case Study on Clostridioides Difficile” (joint work with Suhao Chen, Zhuqi Miao, Dursun Delen, and Andrew Gin) was submitted.
  • [July 29, 2020] The major revision of the paper titled “Shipment Sizing for Autonomous Trucks of Road Freight” (joint work with Chun-Miin (Jimmy) Chen) was submitted.
  • [November 23, 2019] I gave a talk entitled Formulation and Solution of Master Production Planning in Large Scale Private Label Manufacturing at DSI 2019 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.
  • [October 21, 2019] I gave a talk entitled Fault-tolerant s-clubs at INFORMS 2019 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.
  • [October 5, 2019] My team members and I won the Second Place Prize ($3000) at the Hacking Health Competition, Geisinger Medical Center.
  • [July 11, 2019] I successfully defended his dissertation titled “Finding second-order clubs” (Dissertation link).
  • [April 26, 2019] I will join the Department of Analytics and Operations Management at Bucknell University as a visiting assistant professor this Fall.

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